Executive Director

Dear Families, Friends and Colleagues:

It is with a joyful heart that I am writing today to share some exciting news! After establishing the Children’s Sickle Cell Foundation, Inc. (CSCF) and leading this organization as the Executive Director for 13 years, I was presented with an opportunity to make a different kind of impact for persons with sickle cell disease across the nation. I have accepted the position as Public Health Analyst in the Hemoglobinopathies and Newborn Screening Programs of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and will begin this new journey on November 1, 2015.

More exciting news is that our own Michael L. Matthews will become the Executive Director, providing strong leadership and continuity for CSCF. He brings a wealth of knowledge in program development and quality improvement and has served as Program Director for the past 8 years. Please join in me in welcoming him to his new role.

I am so thankful for the families, partners, and funders, who have supported our mission to provide quality programs for children with sickle cell disease and their families to help them face the educational, social and economic challenges caused by the disease. I owe a debt of gratitude to my mentors who spent hours with me to ensure my ability to lead this organization because they, too, believed in the lofty vision that became CSCF! My heart is filled with appreciation for our Board Chair, Directors and Staff, who work tirelessly to make the magic happen for our CSCFKids. THANK YOU!

In one of our programs, we focus on helping our young adults to successfully transition into adulthood. Much like our young adults, CSCF is entering a transition of its own. My heart is that you will find a way to support this transition, whether family, partner, funder or friend. Thank you for the years of support.

We will host an Open House to welcome our new staff, Eartha Sewell, Administrative Care Coordinator, Tasha Alexander-Hooks, Community Health Worker and Brooke Hornak, Data Manager on Thursday, October 29, 2015, from 2pm-7:30pm in the Gove Business Center Conference Room. Please stop in to meet them!