Educational Support Program

The Educational Support Program is designed to support educational continuity and achievement in children with sickle cell disease (SCD).

Celebrating Successes with the Educational Support Program

Since the inception of the program in 2006:

  • 96% of Children report that they return to school better prepared
  • there has been an decrease in the average number of days absent throughout the school year from 31 days to 19 days
  • Average GPAs have increased nearly 20% – from 2.01 to 2.82

Assignment Retrieval Program

A FREE program is available for all children regardless of school or district.

  1. Ask the Children’s Hospital social worker to contact us when your child with SCD becomes ill at home or in the hospital. Call (412) 488-2723 or inquire in person at the hospital. The Educational Support Team (EST) will contact your child’s teachers and the school counselor to ensure that your child receives their schoolwork and assignments within 24-36 hours.
  2. Complete a parental survey to give us feedback about your experiences with the program so that we may better serve you.

GEMSS - Genetics Education Materials for School Success

The aim of GEMSS is to assure all children with genetic health conditions succeed in school-life. Children who have genetic conditions are members of neighborhood schools across the country. GEMSS was developed by the Education & Outreach work group, within the New England Genetics Collaborative (NEGC). The overall goal of the Education & Outreach group is to promote awareness of and education about genetic conditions. Read more...

Extensions of the Educational Support Program

Educational Advocacy

To ensure positive outcomes for children with SCD, the Educational Support Team can assist parents/caregivers with navigating the educational system by attending administrative meetings with parents (IEP and 504) and through informative presentations to students and professional development sessions for teachers and staff.

Read2Lead & Math4Masters

These summer programs keep our children educationally engaged through reading and math exercises.  Books are provided to children to read, keep and pass on to their friends. Participants are rewarded during the Back2School Bash.

Back2School Bash

Before every school year, Read2Lead, Math4Masters, Learn2Swim and SMASH awards are given to the children for their participation and accomplishments. Also, each school aged child receives a book bag filled with supplies to prepare them for a successful school year.

Pre-registration is required for all programs.