Living Well with Sickle Cell® Disease and Trait Community is Launched! 

The purpose of this web based community is give all persons with sickle cell disease, parents and families, community advocates, advocacy groups, physicians, social workers and others a social media tool to interact in sickle cell disease to provide tools for collaboration and to strengthen the VOICE of the Sickle Cell Community. The website is  We hope you'll join and give your feedback! 
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Welcome to Our New Staff Members

Join us in welcoming our new Care Coordinator, Eartha Sewell, Community Health Worker, Tasha Alexander-Hooks and Data Coordinator, Brooke Hornak. We are excited to have them as we expand our programs and services throughout the Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia areas of the North East Region as a part of the HRSA Sickle Cell Newborn Screening Project with the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America.